What are your major pains with the VSCode extension?

My highlighting is also much better than that.

This issue around type inference gets me from time to time. Would love to have that fixed at some point.

Could someone please provide some environment/OS/rescript info to get a clue why types don’t have a colour for some people, me included? It’s really annoying to switch from other languages during the day and have types coloured the same way as members and arguments.

It’s probably caused by your theme… we made a note in the README that lists all supported themes and also has some further links to discuss the technical difficulties:

A general update on syntax highlighting - we’ve made some good progress, and will hopefully be able to invite testers soon. We’re also going to detail what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, trade offs, guiding principles for highlighting going forward etc as soon as we’re ready to.

The results feel encouraging! We look forward to showing you the results and getting your feedback at some point in the not too distant future.


I’m using Dark+ (default dark), that is a supported theme.

Type coloring should not work for anybody, because it’s just not implemented.

Cool, please let’s not get confused by those invalid claims anymore :slight_smile:

My pet peeve is that code completion based on type t of a module only works when the file has been saved. So chaining with -> doesn’t suggest the right autocomplete suggestions based on the type of the value that is chained while typing. It also doesn’t work after save because intermediate saves are syntax errors. So the only way to have proper autocomplete is to bind to intermediate values.


The same problem with me!

Providing correct types in this scenario is another form of “feedback without saving”. It’s a really hard problem that more or less requires running a second version of the compiler designed specifically for partial compilation. As you’ve noted, saving to run the compiler is impossible because there is technically a syntax error—but something that can compile is required to know what the type of an intermediate value is.

There are a lot of areas like this that need to be reinvented, it’s why I was so annoyed when the team chose to create a brand new extension instead of figuring out how to maintain compatibility with existing tools :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I love to see all these states for what you have done it right now. Thanks allot.

Type checking not working without saving the code. :slight_smile: