Add navigation link for type tips

Can we add navigation link for the type tips? In rust-analyser, it support this feature which i think is very useful when you want to look up the definition of the type and back to your code immediately.
Below is the tips in rust-analyser.

This feature will be the killer feature of rescript-vscode i think!:grinning:


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@fham Hi, thanks for the reply. I noticed that this issue was already closed for one year. Can we get the position of type which is defined from the ide server? May be i can help to accomplish this feature if no need to write OCaml code, although i like it.

This is definitively on our radar and we have loose plans to experiment with this sometime fairly soon. No ETA though, we have multiple ongoing efforts already, and other fixes with higher priority we want to deal with before looking into this. But there are definitively plans, and I agree it’d be a useful feature.