[ANN] Call for testing: bs-plaform@8.4.1

Hi All,
We made a new release which is expected to be an official release 8.4.1 unless serious regressions found. Changes are are listed here: https://github.com/rescript-lang/rescript-compiler/blob/master/Changes.md#841
We also made a post for this release https://github.com/reason-association/rescript-lang.org/pull/129/files
Test on this release or feedback on the post is much appreciated!


Thanks Hongbo! In particular I’ll be testing the pinned package support.

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@Hongbo Thanks a lot for your work! I tested the same project again that I previously tested with the dev versions (see Call for testing: bs-platform@8.4.0-dev.2) and things worked fine.

The only minor issue I noticed is that when I had an “unused value” warning in a pinned dependency (guide-common), the packages depending on it (guide-web, guide-app) were recompiled every time I invoked bsb -make-world from the project root, even if nothing had been changed in any package.

Once I resolved this warning, there were no further recompiles when invoking bsb -make-world again.

If you are on mac, can you check if this is fixed by 8.4.2-dev.1 which provides better granularity tracking

Yes, this is indeed fixed in 8.4.2-dev.1! :tada::+1:

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