[ANN] Documentation tool for rescript react (feedback please)

Hey you all,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been playing with ReScript, ReasonML, and OCaml. I had already built a small library in ReScript (GitHub - pedrobslisboa/reskeleton: An easy and beautiful Rescript skeleton component). But this past weekend, I decided to have some fun and create a documentation tool for ReScript. Inspired by Storybook and Reshowcase, I launched Dogumentation: GitHub - pedrobslisboa/dogumentation: Build a dogumentation for you Rescript React components

As I mentioned earlier, it’s nothing too fancy; it was just something I did for fun. However, I appreciate any feedback and contributions to the project.

Thank you all.



Very cool.

Would be nice to have a comparison section to see what it supports (or will support) compared to reshowcase and storybook.

Maybe I find some time to integrate it in the examples package of rescript-mui.

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Thank you, @fham, for the feedback; I will set a session for this comparison.

Let me know if you have any doubts or problems if you apply it to your rescript-mui project.