[ANN] First-class dynamic import support in ReScript v11

Hey folks,

We published another sneak-peak article on a new feature that is coming to ReScript v11:

This one is going to be essential, because originally there was really no good way to do dynamic imports without writing a lot of boilerplate / potentially hard to maintain code.

If you are keen on trying it out before the official release and help us with feedback, that would be really great!

Happy hacking.


is this going to be available soon?

I noticed that it uses RescriptCore.Console.log

Will RescriptCore be merged into the normal rescript ?

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We referred to rescript-core for some in-between advertising — just so ppl know that we will embrace this library in the future.

There will still be quite a few adaptions to the package though, especially after we announced the next big feature (uncurried-by-default). So it will definitely take a few iterations until we fully inlined rescript-core into the compiler.

For now, library authors need to be patient and use builtin modules like Js.* to keep things simple.