[ANN] My first rescript prod project is online, the GuessThat game

Hey folks, how’s it going? Over a year ago, I was inspired by “Wordle” and crafted something akin, but tailored towards nerd/pop culture, It’s my first production rescript site: https://guessthat.xyz. Honestly, due to self-esteem issues, I hesitated to share it beyond a close circle of friends. But, developed entirely in Rescript, I’m now eager and proud to introduce it to a broader audience.

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Meet “Guess That”, a daily interactive challenge. The mission? Identify a movie or song based on audio snippets. Every day features a new movie and song:

  • Audio Attempts: Starting from 1 second and going up to 15 seconds, you get to hear varying lengths of audio. Each incorrect attempt grants a longer snippet.

  • Search Box: Have a guess? Type it into the search box.

  • Hint: If you’re stumped, the ‘Hint’ button is there to assist.

  • Decision: After guessing, hit ‘ENTER’. Right guesses mean celebration, wrong ones mean another listen!

I’d value your feedback, it’s in beta, and there is a lot of feature that I want to add. Movie and music buffs, dive in and enjoy! Share your experiences and let’s see who nails their guesses! Feedback is always appreciated!


Great job! Is it open source? And do you have a link to try the game out?

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Oh boy, I forgot the link https://guessthat.xyz

It’s not open source for now, but I’m thinking to do it.


Nice! It’s very fun! I bookmarked it to add to my collection of sites to visit when I should be working :slight_smile: