[ANN] New "Marked as Solved" Forum Feature!

Hey everyone.

We added some new functionality to our Discourse server to allow better collaboration between forum members!

Mark as Solved

Topic owners are now able to mark reply posts as accepted solutions.

We hope this feature will make the right answers to concrete questions more visible, and also encourages a more linear Problem / Solution discussion format*. We don’t want to add much ceremony to the process, so here are some basic rules:

  • Please make sure to test a proposed solution first before marking it as solved.
  • If there’s a concrete question, make sure the thread doesn’t derail into other discussions and focus on finding a proper solution instead

Also use this feature whenever appropriate. It will help other users find the right answers more quickly and is also a good way to pay recognition to your fellow community members putting in time and effort to propose solutions. :slight_smile:


(*) Please note that this feature is only available for posts within the Uncategorized category for now