[ANN] ReScript 9.0 released

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to announce our newest 9.0 release (which is still going under the bs-platform name… new name is coming soon).

Learn more about the release in our newest blog post:

We also shipped an update for our Online Playground with the newest compiler and @rescript/react version.

Please note: Bob is currently on vacation, so please don’t expect any responses on compiler related issues for a week or so.



Congrats! Thanks for the hardwork everyone put in


no rush, I noticed that the version is still behind

yeah, that has been a looming guilt that follows me through the last few weeks. will be updated soonish


Was the mjs thing fixed? Otherwise this will break everyone who is building React-Native apps in ReScript.

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Hongbo is currently on vacation. Responses might be slow until next week.

Ok. Well, I think this should be in bold highlights (it’s currently not in the blogpost). When you are using React-Native no dice, and a lot of people reported that they had to make config changes for webpack or other bundlers to handle the mjs extension correctly. I think it would be good to put this prominently in the blog post because a lot of people are going to wonder why their builds are broken.

It would be good to have a fix to this at some time (no hurry because we’re fine at 8.x), because I know thee are more apps being build in React-Native and ReScript.


That is good to know, thank you for pointing that out.