[ANN] ReScript 9.1.2 calls for testing (third beta release)

Hi all,

Following the second beta release, we have created a new beta version to help you adapt your software to the new features ahead of the release. Your feedback is critical to help us to improve the user experience.

Try it via npm i rescript@9.1.2

This release fixes all regressions reported during second beta testing. We noticed an issue that there is a chance the old bsb would shadow the new one which could cause some weird issues, so we removed the bsb in this release. This should not affect users , since in most cases, users just need run rescript in the toplevel package.

Thanks ā€“ Hongbo


please excuse my newbie question.

Since bsb-platform is now rescript@9.1.2 going forward, that would break tools that depend on it. like Reason IDEA Plugin : https://github.com/reasonml-editor/reasonml-idea-plugin

any workaround while waiting for those tools to support the new rescript release?


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upon digging in to the Reason IDEA Plugin repos, there is already an issue posted about it: https://github.com/reasonml-editor/reasonml-idea-plugin/issues/318

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Iā€™m testing the new release now. I have a question:

Before my build script was bsb -make-world -clean-world
What is the equivalent after the change to the rescript command?

Currently Iā€™m doing it in two steps by first running rescript clean followed by rescript or rescript build (since the latter two does the same thing)

Update: answered in another thread here.

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