[ANN] ReScript 9.1.3 is released (bug fix release)

Hi all,

ReScript 9.1.3 is released, this is a bug fix release.
You can try it with npm i rescript@9.1.3

Note there is a bug fix about object curring/uncurrying support which was reported several times, so if you use the object uncurrying convention, it is recommended to have a look at the discussion before upgrading.

Together @rescript/std@9.1.3 is also released.

The bugs fixed are listed below:

Build system

  • #5154 when toplevel package-specs get changed, its dependencies should be rebuilt
  • #5152 Rebuild not triggered when deletion with nested modules
  • #5153 when Different compiler version triggered,
    it should clean the whole dependencies instead of just the repo itself
  • #5080 Add back -ws option for the build

Frontend parser/printing (issues are pinned to rescript-lang/syntax)

  • #425 fix CRLF handling for windows
  • #414 Fix printing of underscore Pexp_fun sugar in context of Array.get
  • #408 Don’t parse Int token with suffices as hash ident for poly variants
  • #410 Fix parsing of arrow type with objects in constructor declaration args
  • #404 fix printing of Osig_module in outcome printer
  • #402 Implement printing of Otyp_module in outcome printer