[ANN] ReScript Docs are now up to date with v9.0

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that our docs are finally up to date with the latest feature set of ReScript@9.0.

This includes…

Please open an issue on the issue tracker or create a PR in case you are still missing information etc.

Note on versioning

Since a few ppl have asked about our versioning strategy on the docs:

The latest docs are maintained under a docs/manual/latest path. We try to keep all the information universally applicable for all versions, so keep an eye for since vX.X notes, like this:

The version dropdown indicates the feature set that is available on the docs, so if it shows v9.x, it means it covers all features up to the v9. We don’t generate snapshots of our docs for each version, because this would make things way more complex than necessary, and most our changes should be append-only anyways.

We will most likely create a “branched version” (aka copy paste a version folder) whenever there are fundamental changes in the compiler toolchain (very unlikely), that’s why v8 was basically upgraded to v9; the changes were simple enough to cover all features for both versions.

Hope this makes sense


Thank you, @ryyppy! You folks are doing superb work.