[ANN] ReScript & Github

Good news everyone!

Thanks to the initiative of @brnrdog, Github will soon classify ReScript code as its own language with proper syntax highlighting :tada:

The language detection is based on the .res file extension (it will not classify .re files).

It will take some time until you’ll see the changes on Github (until GH deploys the newest changes of its language classifier) and you will later also need to push a new commit to your codebase to trigger the language classification of your repository.

It took us 2 months to get this PR through, since .res is a pretty popular extension and we had to make sure that there are no colliding false positives with any other files that are not ReScript.

I am pretty excited about this one!


Congratulations, consider gitea, gitlab at some point, when you all get around to it

I believe GitLab also uses github/linguist for language detection, so it should be reflected there as well, hopefully.

Gitlab uses github’s linguist but they are not updating linguist in gitlab frequently

any update on this issue?

are you talking about gitlab?
gitlab now supports rescript

no, GitHub. Seems like most of the text is in black