[ANN] ReScript v11 is out!

The time has finally come - ReScript v11 is out!

This has been a huge effort for all contributors over a long period of time. You’ve read about most of the features already on our blog, and the actual v11 release brings a few new features we haven’t talked that much about as well.

Read about it all in the announcement post: ReScript 11.0 | ReScript Blog.

It links to a number of resources around v11 and migration. Here on the forums we also have our migration thread for uncurried: The big migration thread for ReScript v11 (and uncurried mode)

We hope you’re as excited as we are about v11! Outside of bringing new great capabilities, it also cleans up a lot inconsistencies, and paves the way for even more clean up that’ll help make ReScript more streamlined and cohesive.


Congrats! Having used it for a couple of months in one project, I can only confirm the update indeed makes the language even more awesome!


Congrats for the realease, and finally RescriptCore Docs i have been waiting for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



We just finished upgrading our project to the latest RC last week and the new features have really helped us clean up some wonky code we weren’t 100% happy with.


Congrats! Really exciting