[ANN] rescript-vitest v0.3.0 released

Updated dependencies, and fix some bugs.

I’m thinking of a signature change related to test context support. At the same time, I worry that the binding will be too bloated. Let me know what you think!


I’m giving this a try. One problem is that when the .test.res file is changed, the underlying .test.bs.js file is updated as expected. I can look at the .bs.js file and see something like expect(4).toEqual(5) But the vitest output in the terminal still shows everything passing. I have to go into the .test.bs.js file and save it, causing a reformat, for vitest to notice the test has changed and update the results. Somehow the vitest watcher isn’t noticing when the auto-generated .bs.js file is changed. Have you seen this?


I set the vitest config include property to look for the generated test.bs.js files so I don’t know why it doesn’t notice when these files change. I have to change them manually by doing a file save on them. How is your vitest configured? Is some rescript plug-in or something needed?