[ANN] rescript-vscode 1.1.2 released!

Hello again so soon! The VSCode editor plugin 1.1.2 has been released.

A small update, but beefs up many existing features and introduces one that many have wanted: semantic refactoring. Find it under Command Palette → Rename Symbol.

Refactoring works across files, including unopened ones that the editor will open, modify and leave for you to save, as a precaution. This feature won’t work on refactoring module names that also represent file names, and anything generated by ppxes.

As always, we aim to keep such feature robust, performant and simple. Enjoy needing fewer string replacements!


Is this also pulled into the vim plugin?

Not yet. Right now these are separate releases though we usually try to batch them.

Impressive release cadence, thanks for the rename refactoring - this is very handy :clap:

vim extension will follow up this week


Thank you amiralies (Amirali Esmaeili) · GitHub for providing the rename feature.


Is it okay that I have only up to 1.0.8 version in the extensions marketplace? Should I install the new version using vsix or to do something else?

Not sure what you mean? It says 1.1.2 in the link in the post. Got a screenshot?

Yeah, and it upgraded to 1.1.2 for me automatically.
Maybe you installed it using .vsix previously?