[ANN] rescript-vscode 1.3.0 released

rescript-vscode v1.3.0 is out in the VSCode Marketplace!

You can install the newest version via the VSCode plugin pane or download the vsix file directly from our release page.

This release brings a lot of new features and fixes. Some highlights:

  • Improved syntax highlighting
  • A basic set of code actions
  • Document outline
  • Revamped autocomplete (paving the way for upcoming more advanced autocomplete)

There’s a bunch more as well - read about all of the changes in the full changelog.

The Vim plugin will be updated soon as well.

Thank you to all who’s contributed. We hope you’ll like it!


Awesome works! Thank you!

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Guys, thank you for your hard work, right now the developer experience of using Rescript is really enjoyable and basically on par with the legacy ocaml language server.

Sub par dev UX was a significant roadblock for the growth of Rescript, and with that out of the way the future looks bright for the Rescript community. :tada:


Lost auto complete in switch case with this version.

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Would you mind filing an issue on the repo?

For anyone else experiencing this - autocomplete not triggering where you’d expect it to, please also file reproducible issues in the repo. Thanks!

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Thank you for the kind words @Lomand ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: We’re hoping there’s lots more to come too.

Hats off to @cristianoc who’s been doing most of the heavy, deep work for this release.


the Outline support works great!

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I had created a development server (file watcher + compiler + bundler + local webserver) that replaced the “Start a build” functionality from within VSCode. The compiler log was still used by the extension, even though the ReScript compiler was not run by it. I suppressed the popup by creating .bsb.lock myself while the development server was running.

Now that the extension does more than just run the compiler, I would like to have both running. Can I safely do this (by no longer creating the lock file) or will the extension and my own compiler invocation interfere?

So, this is still alive