[ANN] ReScript VSCode extension 1.16.0 is out

We’ve just released 1.16.0 of the ReScript VSCode extension. This new version primarily brings better autocomplete for unsaved code. See the example below, recorded without the compiler running:


With this we’re also getting autocomplete in a few new places, like when destructuring record function arguments.

The same new functionality also powers hovers, so you’ll get more hovers without having to save. And, in a not too distant feature, we hope the underlying mechanism we’ve built can make more functionality available without having to save. Go to definition, inlay hints, code lens, etc.

We’re hoping to continue working towards more accurate and ergonomic autocomplete. This particular functionality should hopefully be quite a productivity boost.

As always, please report any issues you find on the issue tracker: Issues · rescript-lang/rescript-vscode · GitHub.

Thank you!