[ANN] Roadmap 2021 & New Landing Page

Hey everyone,

We just released a new blog post about our current roadmap and brand new landing page:

The change went live a few minutes ago, so we hope you like it!


The new landing page looks gorgeous :star_struck:


It looks great! The designer in me would like to know: What are the intended problems the landing page redesign aims to solve?

This might be a bad question but what could we as the community do to help with the work outlined in the roadmap?

are the videos served by KeyCDN?

The goal for us was to have a good looking landing page that aligns with our brand guidelines and represents the language’s core philosophy and mission. We also wanted the content to be short and easy to parse. This was quite challenging, because we could have easily filled the page with 10 times of copy texts.

Also personally I don’t consider it a “redesign”, since this is the first proper landing page we launched for ReScript.

During launch we hosted the videos on Cloudinary for time reasons. Today I migrated them over to KeyCDN.