[ANN] SQL query builder

I’m not a big fan of orms, but unfortunately I have to use it in so many projects.
So I started to write some typesafe query builders in typescript for different databases a long time ago.

Well, now I’m using rescript in many private projects but I was missing something like kysely or drizzle which I can use in rescript directly.
So again… I started to work on my own library.

I’ve tried several different approaches, and I’ve mentioned one or the other in a different context here in the forum already.
One approach was to generate a lot of code by a codegenerator, another was the opposite - so no codegen but a lot of type magic.
The first one was too restrictive and the second one required a lot of boilerplate (bad dx).

Now I’ve chosen a hybrid approach:

  1. Create the schema of the tables with a simple dsl (rescript)
  2. Use the cli to generate the types for rescript
  3. Use the cli to generate an sql file with the complete schema
  4. Use the generated files to write typesafe select, insert, update and delete queries (rescript).

At some points, unfortunately, i had to write some really nasty code, because the typesystem of rescript limited me, but it was still enjoyable.
It’s far from feature completeness, I’m just using it in a mini project with sqlite and I’m still thinking about solutions against sql injection (with or without placeholders / prepared statements).
Nevertheless, someone might find it useful or can even improve it.