Annotating exceptions for reanalyze

I’m using reanalyze for both dead code elimination and exception analysis. I’m encountering a problem when it comes to a few of our defined exceptions (e.g. exception ExceptionName(string, …)). reanalyze is marking them as dead, but I need to annotate them with @live because they are used in the code.

Simply put, how do I annotate an exception so that reanalyze will catch it as living code? I’ve combed docs, the README, other forum posts, etc. and cannot find any solid answers. I’ve attempted to use the output generated by reanalyze (shown below), which looks like it should work but doesn’t. I’ve also tried various combinations of @live, @dead, and changing where on the line/above the line the annotation goes. Exception analysis is turned on as well.

@dead(“ExceptionName”) exception ExceptionName(string)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There is no such mechanism currently. Feel free to open an issue on the rescript-vscode repository.