Announcing rescript-cypress

Hi Folks
We’re using cypress for some browser testing at work
and slow as they are it is an incredible pain to have your dev cycle be 30 min.
To that end I took this pass at adding bindings.

There are many overloaded cases not yet handled but we are using this for all our cypress tests now.

If this is helpful to you please use it and let me know how it goes!
Also welcoming any critique of the binding style if you take a look



Your link is 404

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Some npm deployment to work out too. Should be able to publish another version this evening.

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Nice, thanks for sharing!

I am slowly gathering experience with selenium w/java, webdriverio, cypress, and playwright. I am hoping to converge on one of these. I am curious if any of the language and framework combinations are particularly helpful in defining robust tests.

New version published that installs for me locally.
Anyone interested please try again.


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