Any ETA on the ReScript VSCode tools?

Wondering how long it will be for the IDE integration for the new syntax.
Are we talking about days, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months?
Just to have an idea… I don’t want to rush the team, I’m just eager :slight_smile:

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It’s hard to do estimation for software engineering. Optimistically I would say 2 months


Thanks that’s helpful. I was under the impression (hope) this was about to drop in the next week or two, so this helps manage expectations a lot. Looks like I’ll carry on with .re syntax for now.

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Thanks! that is helpful

I’m using the very early plugin from to test out the syntax. Just install the vsix manually from the releases. It describes its current limitations very openly in the repo and should be judged by that obviously (only highlighting / reformatting for now and bsconfig needs to be at the root, so I wouldn’t bother the team with opening issues or whatever just yet). It already feels pretty good working with that as I have a bsb process running while developing anyway.

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I actually didn’t manage to reformat my files so I wasn’t sure this feature was already present (it’s a regular bs project though, so with a bsconfig at the root), is there anything special to do to make it work @jsiebern?

I believe that only *.res files work at this moment, so no mixed projects with the current release.

I know why it didn’t work, it’s because I was using it in an existing bs project so I also had reason-vscode activated which was prevalent over rescript-language-server, when I disabled it I made formatting work.

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What Hongbo said. Though we’ve updated the editor plugins page with proper expectations:

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Is auto-completion working? I don’t seem to have any completions in VS Code under Linux (i.e. I write Js. and nothing pops up).

It’s not. See the feature list:

is it safe now to migrate completely to .res considering this vscode tool?