Any good books or complete feature-set advanced course on rescript?

As the title says, I just looked at the Js module and thought to myself why I didn’t know about it before, I was always manually checking everything. Is there any way that I can learn how to correctly program and what to look for in rescript?

I’m looking for something like the excellent Feldman’s elm book

I don’t think there are any books on ReScript currently.

I’m working on writing one and someone else on this forum is working on one, but neither is published yet.

I’m nearly done writing tho, so I might be able to send you a pdf of the manuscript in exchange for proofreading help :wink:

The official docs and tutorials are a pretty decent learning resource; those + blog posts are probably the best reference for the ReScript <-> JS Interop stuff.

If you want to learn core language features or functional programming in general, I would get a book in ReasonML or OCaml. Although the syntax is different and the JavaScript interop is different, the feature set and type system is nearly identical since ReScript is a descendant of those languages.


Awesome that you’re writing! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m sure many in the community would be happy to help proof read etc.

In general, I think we need lots of more learning resources. Maybe we could start some sort of initiative where we help each other discuss/proof read, etc, to get more content out there.


Really looking forward to your work.
For more experienced eng its possible to cross your eyes and read Ocaml/Reason docs to learn Rescript, but has not been helpful for the junior engineers i work with.

(Still, i feel like the documentation even on the website is quite good, and does explain most central concepts well, and the api docs are solid! If jr engineer hits a funny corner case its better to involve the other team members and make it a learning session anyway)


Yeah the problem that I’m going through is that I’m not capable of understanding and feel what Belt functions do or how to pattern match deep arrays that rescript-relay gives. I’m really having a readache reading the error messages or taking guesses at the function signatures.

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Have you any course that explains Rescript completely?

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