Anyone using graphql-ppx and rescript-apollo-client with 11?

These two repos seem largely dead, and im getting a lot of warnings off the bat so I am worried.
Huge gap here.


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You mean to say rescript-apollo-client, right? As the maintainer, I can say that sadly you are correct for that repo. I’m happy to help merge/review PRs or to help hand over to another maintainer going forward, but I haven’t used Apollo for quite some time. Now would be a great time to hand off if there’s interest from anyone! While it’s pretty large, there’s nothing all that fancy about the bindings—a lot of which could be even simpler with 11.

I’m currently using both, albeit with v10. There’s several larger breaking changes that could be made with rescript-apollo-client to update the bindings, including the newer v11 features, (not to mention the progress made with @apollo/client itself) but I have not had much time to do a lot of work on them.

I’d hope both would be usable with uncurried mode off, but haven’t checked.

graphql-ppx might prove more challenging to make compatible with uncurried without forking since it’s also aimed to be compatible with reasonml / ocaml. An option might be to see if @zth 's GitHub - zth/rescript-embed-lang: A general purpose PPX and library for embedding other languages into ReScript, via code generation. could be used with some kind of code generation, but that’s relatively new stuff and I don’t know of any implementations that zth hasn’t done yet.

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We at walnut are going to migrate to ReScript 11 as well, and are maintaining graphql-ppx bear with us while we ship an update. But it’s in progress :slight_smile:


Hi Jaap
Have you been able to make any progress here? I am trying again (11, uncurried: false) and hitting " The module or file GraphQL_PPX can’t be found."

I thought i saw something around here suggesting that one of these packages is still expecting bsconfig.json too? Is it valid to keep both?


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We are still migrating to 11 without uncurried first (almost there). We were able to compile it though, so with uncurried it shouldn’t be a problem. Did you add graphql-ppx as a dependency as well (it has a small runtime module) - this is not different between the versions.