Are JSX v3 and v4 supposed to interop in one project?

Looks like I can not use v4 from v3 and I can not use v3 from v4. Am I missing something, or there is no way to gradually update unless you have isolated clusters of components?

Is it possible to update main code base to v4 and use dependencies made for v3?

I tried this configuration:

"jsx": { "version": 4, "mode": "classic", "v3-dependencies": ["@minnozz/rescript-recharts"] },

And got “The record field … can’t be found” compiling error on components from @minnozz/rescript-recharts

Rescript react supports file level configuration

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Solved my issue by rewriting dependencies to v4. Documentation gives impression that there are some magical adapter for v3 libraries while it’s not a case.