As a child waiting for presents under the christmas tree, do we have any news about the upcoming V10?

Everything is in the title :slightly_smiling_face:, im waiting for the v10 of rescript and it seems that it could ship in mid January.
As anyone got a full changelog for this release ??

Best regards :wink:

Almost all of our team members took a very important break for the last 2 months to settle some private milestones, so things got a little silent for a bit. Trying to assess the current status this week to wind up work for 2022, but so far I think the v10 release will probably be postponed (or some planned features might be put into the next release…).

Good thing though is that we have some new update coming up for the VSCode extension, so that’s a start :smiley:

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more!


A lot of developers have been transitioning to m1 macs over the past months. Is there any chance to ship a m1 build of the 9.x compiler? This would probably easily reduce build times by 75%.

It would be amazing if you can give permissions to publish updates to the vscode marketplace to @cristianoc or yourself. Been trying to contact @chenglou (the only person with vscode marketplace publishing rights) since late October, asking him to push an update. No response. There is a ton of bugfixes in the repo, but rescript community needs to wait for 7+ months for an arbitrary minor update.

Personally, I am building the extension from the souces by myself (thanks for good documentation on how to do that), so I’m always up to date, but overall the hoops I need to jump are ridiculous.


There are too much bugs in this extension :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hi, thanks for asking.

The release is mostly composed of two components, the IDE extension and the compiler release.

I made an enhancement to allow concurrent build allow multiple concurrent rescript builds by bobzhang · Pull Request #5129 · rescript-lang/rescript-compiler (, this should make the IDE more reliable, however, some work needs to be done in the editor to take advantage of it, that’s the main thing that I am hesitatent about the new release.

I would like to have a look at the editor plugin some time, but currently I don’t have time, I have some personal stuff to deal over the weekend.


Due to technical problems with Microsoft’s authorization model we weren’t able to add anyone to the publisher org until yesterday. Luckily this is solved now, so it should be easier for me to help publishing new versions in the future.


Will the ReScript mascot be revealed alongside version 10?


Either that, or maybe even earlier (depending on our designer)