I created an awesome-rescript repository. Check it out and tell all ReScripters you know to add their resources.

For anybody who does not know, awesome-… repositories are just lists with useful resources about a certain topic, like a programming language.


Also, it would be great if I was not the only one to accept PRs, so if any of you more active community members wants to be a collaborator, please ask me.

In the Github UI, you can use Insights → Dependency Graph → Dependents and browse either repos (e.g. Network Dependents · rescript-lang/rescript-react · GitHub) or NPM packages that depend on a package. I am trying to use this to discover more examples of rescript and rescript-react usage. This might be helpful for you, if you are looking to identify more interesting starters or applications to highlight.


Finally! That’s very valuable for the community.

May I suggest going opinionated for the “Libraries and Bindings” section? I’d like to see here the clear list of way-to-go libs with the footer “ReScript Package Index To discover libraries and bindings for ReScript, please use the official package index tool.” as long as it doesn’t allow sorting by some kind of popularity/usage.

No offense to the official site maintainers, I understand this is not a core business. And the Awesome page may bring us to the cozy days of categorized Internet instead of soulless Googlenet.

I’d list rescript-test, @rescript-react-native/*, rescript-material-ui. I’m sure much many are eligible via PRs.

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TBH this was just the easy way out for me. I forked the awesome-reasonml repo yesterday but did not have the time to check all the libraries for staleness and so on.

But feel free to submit a PR to improve the chapter.


Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing about the Awesome page