Beginner project you can play with

I did a ReScript intro workshop yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Forty-one people signed up and were introduced to ReScript while we built a small calculator.

If you want a fun project to play with, have a look at this repo.

The main branch contains a complete boilerplate project for vs code with recommendations for the extension you need and useful defaults settings.

It’s using ReScript, React, TailwindCSS and Vite.js, so if you need a boilerplate for using these technologies, you can use the main branch as a starter repo.

But if you’d like to try and build your calculator as well, there’s also an example branch with a finished calculator you can look at. It uses variants, pattern matching, and a mini “xstate” state machine for handling all the logic. You can see an example of the finished calculator here.

Feel free to ask questions here or directly in the repo.


Wow, this is really nice @mellson ! Great showcase of the power of ReScript and variants when dealing with state like this. Great work! :clap:

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Thank you @zth :blush: It’s hard to find the right balance for small projects, but a small calculator was my best idea for this workshop. And even though you’re not interested in building a calculator maybe it’s just nice to get some boilerplate for running ReScript in Vite.js which feels just as fast as the ReScript compiler :rocket: