Blog post: Getting rid of your dead code

I recently wrote a bit about how one can find and get rid of dead code in ReScript. In the blog post I’m using the Code Analyzer in the VSCode extension (powered by reanalyze by @cristianoc ) to do dead code analysis on a real production code base.

I find some really interesting parts of dead code, including code that would be quite hard to spot without the analyzers help. Other than the regular stuff (unused React components, unused functions, etc), the analyzer finds dead code at a very granular level. One example is I find parts of React state in a component that’s unused, and that when removed allows me to simplify the component a lot.

The post is here for whoever is interested: Getting rid of your dead code in ReScript - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

(shout out to @cristianoc for proof reading and general help with the post)