Branding question


I wanted to ask someone about this but It might be “helpful” to make it here.

Since the rebranding from BuckleScript + Reason to ReScript I found something a little off.

The branding represents a lowercase “r” and a lowercase “rescript” while any other text representation of the brand is ReScript. It might make sense to have 2 representations that don’t match by the iconography and the content, but It’s really not optimal to represent a language with a logo that doesn’t visualize the letter r clearly.

Another question that pops into mind is… if there’s an emphasis on writing ReScript means that there’s a meaning of the suffix “Re”, because everyone can imagine what’s “Script” in a language, but what’s “Re” in this case? “Reason”?

I come from a good place asking these questions, I don’t want to criticise anyone job, I really like the decisions made there, but wanted to know more about the reasons behind.

Hope to make sense!


this is just my assumption, if you see image from, well you can read all about re-branding from link above.
maybe rescript = Reason + buckleScript. CMIIW :laughing:

Sure, that’s the assumption but I wanted to know if that’s true or not.