@bs.module without .default

Is there a way to build a binding without adding default to the require().default?

Trying to use an older package that requires js syntax like so:

var npmPackage = require("npm-package")

var result = npmPackage("my-string")

I currently have it as so, but its adding .default to the bs.js files.

@bs.module("npm-package") external convert: string => string = "default"

If I understand your question correctly, you omit the argument to bs.module and put it as the string at the end instead: https://rescript-lang.org/docs/manual/latest/import-from-export-to-js#import-a-javascript-module-itself-commonjs



@module external convert: string => string = "npm-package"

Also in newer version of bs-platform you can omit “bs.”

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Thanks @faliszek and @benadamstyles - this was exactly what I was looking for.

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