Build on save for vscode/vim

I’m not sure what have changed as I don’t see any recent changes that should have changed anything but my vim stopped asking me to watch rescript files and vscode doesn’t do it either. I use coc in vim but given that vscode has the same problem I don’t think coc is the culprit. I can still run rescript build -w in parallel but I was wondering what has changed and what am I missing?

Can you file an issue?

As a workaround in vim you can create an autocommand.

I thought about skipping the forum and filing an issue. But I’m not sure if it’s a vim exclusive problem as I’m experiencing the same thing in vscode. I was hoping to see if anybody else experiencing this. This would also allow me to figure out what repo to file the issue in

Is there a (stale?) .bsb.lock file in your project root? The VScode extension uses that to decide whether to prompt to start a build IIRC.

That’s exactly what it was! Thank you very much!