Buliding rescript on Termux, android

I have a landscape android device which comes with a physical keyboard built-in (Gemini PDA). It’s quite usable for small programming jobs, especially in an environment like Termux.

I found the rescript-compiler repo.
It carries the ocaml sources, from which I could build and install smoothly.
Now I want to build rescript - but I found no directions, only a bunch of files in ./scripts
How do I build/compile rescript?

rescript init inside the repo complains that android/rescript.exe cannot be found and some of the scripts complain that android is unsupported. Now that I have ocaml, I refuse to believe that rescript would not work - but I cannot find what to run to make this rescript.exe file.

CONTRIBUTING.md has instructions on how to build the compiler. Once you’ve finished building the compiler you should be able to run rescript.