[Call for help] Test the next editor tooling release

We’d like to get a new editor tooling release out. “Unfortunately”, we’ve got quite a lot of things and bug fixes for a new release that we’ll need your help in ensuring we haven’t regressed anything significant. A few exciting things, outside of bug fixes, that’ll be in this release:

  • Syntax errors as you type
  • Deeper integration with Reanalyze
  • More docstrings support

If you’d like to help us out, please install the latest build by downloading and installing the vsix produced by CI from the master branch: Actions · rescript-lang/rescript-vscode · GitHub

Report back any issues you find on the bug tracker directly: Issues · rescript-lang/rescript-vscode · GitHub. Also, please report back if you think things are working fine.

The full change log is here.

Thank you in advance!


As usual: Awesome work! Especially also by new contributors like @aspeddro.

Will check it out tomorrow.

@zth: Would be nice if people could just switch to the pre-release channel for this. :wink:


Nice work! I will install and check it today later.

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A few bugs about the latest pre-release plugin on windows10 x64:

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Yes, I agree :see_no_evil: Sorry. Will happen soon!

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It seems that upgrading the LSP related packages might have made the features on unsaved code (e.g. autocompete, or format on save) unreliable. Something to be checked.


Autocomplete did not work for me as well with the build from earlier today. The most current build fixed it.

I am using it on a project together with the new compiler alpha release, everything is working smoothly so far.

EDIT: Ok I found an issue: Errors on the problems tab go away sometimes, even though the error still exists. I think they get cleaned up too eagerly somewhere.

EDIT2: https://github.com/rescript-lang/rescript-vscode/issues/477


This did indeed end up being the root cause for the issues with formatting and autocomplete. Newest CI package should fix all of that, like @fham noted.

The type hint works normally with the latest package!

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Note if you install the vsix and try to rollback by uninstalling and reinstalling 1.3.0, you may have to first delete the cached extension files before reinstalling or else things won’t work as you expect.

It works fine for me on windows10, no need to uninstall the old extension.

Indeed un-installing a manually installed version is always tricky.

Would you consider publishing the version(s) you want feedback on as a pre-release in the marketplace? This would make it a lot easier to install.

This is being prepared here by @fham: https://github.com/rescript-lang/rescript-vscode/pull/399


looks like bsconfig.json does not support // line comments anymore

This was already planned, but only for the release after the current one.

I think otherwise half the ecosystem will break anyway, since e.g. the editor extension just uses the built-in JSON.parse.

@cristianoc I guess it should be added to the changelog?
@ryyppy And also moved to the current version in the roadmap?

Yes to be added to the changelog.
In general, the roadmap still shows in the npm package readme, while it’s completely stale by now.

We’ve ironed out the known issues and are now ready for another round of testing before releasing 1.4.0. Please help us out if you get a chance!


Nice work! Really hope that i am not so busy with other things, so i can try it now!

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