Can not find how to compile OCaml code to JS on the current version docs

Is that means Rescript do not plan to make this function as a important feature in the future?
Is there anyway to interop OCaml with Rescript?

The ReScript platform will focus on the ReScript syntax, which means literally everything revolving around the ecosystem will be curated in the new syntax (which means you need to learn the ReScript syntax, even if you are using OCaml). We removed the OCaml / Reason variants on “latest” because we actually don’t use the syntaxes ourselves (therefore cannot ensure the same level of quality we put into the ReScript syntax) and have no time to curate them, nor have time to coordinate community effort.

That said, there are some discussions on having a separate “OCaml Interop” section at some point to have some specified contract on what OCaml constructs are well supported (useful for sharing code between OCaml / ReScript codebases).

Of course you can still continue to use OCaml / Reason, or whatever syntax you prefer, but be aware that it’s practically impossible to provide a docs / ecosystem experience that doesn’t mix syntaxes (except you are coding in ReScript only).


Maybe something like to show what parts of ocaml each ReScript compiler version supports, whenever this becomes a priority