Can we define our custom decorator like @react.component?

Is decorator can only be defined by rescript internal? How to defined our own decorator?

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I guess what you are asking for is how to write a “syntax extension”.

This is a (natively compiled) program that will take the parsed AST from your source code and rewrites the AST based on specific logic. This is more commonly known as a “PPX”, e.g. there’s the graphql-ppx or rescript-relay ppx.

There are a few challenges related to syntax extensions though:

  • You need to know a lot of OCaml and have a good understanding of ASTs
  • We don’t offer a curated way of writing ReScript syntax extensions yet (there were plans to expose a particular OPAM package for the compiler utils and write explicit docs to streamline this)
  • Adding syntax extensions may make your compilation processes slower, depending on the number and complexity of your extensions

We don’t actively advertise syntax extensions until there’s a curated path. It’s definitely a more advanced topic.

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