Can we have fun case studies of those using rescript?

Can we have fun case studies of those using rescript?

Really more just to celebrate the wins, but the marketing upside is always there.

The Elixir programming language Elixir has a pretty fun page of use cases. Sure, they don’t always go into the nitty gritty, like the adoption and everyday pains, but they certainly make the wins sound awesome.

P.S. Elixir is great. Phoenix is great, and I wish a typed fp ecosystem has an equivalent. Man, a type-safe Phoenix will be gg.


Scala’s various libraries?


You might be interested in Caramel then! Basically it’s an ocaml to erlang compiler, a bit like rescript is an ocaml to js compiler.

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True, Scala is there but that is a world I have not ventured into yet.

Yes I’ve heard of this. But it’s much so early that I wonder if it’ll just die out. As you’re aware, Gleam is much more alive.

Haha, but the case studies, people! Are there interests in them at all?


It does sound good.

I would see some issues that potential contributors will encounter:

  • going through the effort of getting permission from company leaders on the wording/description of the success story
  • finding time to write the success story

I like how the vite-plugin-ssr repo has a github issue where people just respond with a comment providing as little or as much detail as they want about the use and success story. You could start with that, as a low barrier to entry? Then maybe pair with authors in a private Google doc and help them polish up their wording and get approval from their company leaders?

After you get one or two stories published, you may get volunteers creating polished stories for you. I would use some static site generator and a github (or codeberg!!!) repo to allow for easy user contribution while providing a beautiful presentation.

The github issue idea is a wonderful idea. fp-ts has this issue that’s tremendously helpful

iirc @ryyppy had some plans for this.

Yeah we had some ambitions to do some proper case-studies / blog posts about success stories using ReScript in a production setting. We’d like to put them on the frontpage as well, preferably in our “Users of ReScript” section.

The goal though is to demonstrate how the language is being used to build reliable systems that scale performance- / type consistency wise and allow easy refactoring even in ambitious projects. Putting the focus on FP paradigms doesn’t help convincing decision makers. They care about other factors such as: Easy integration, mature libraries, talent hiring, long term prospects, metrics on productivity boost when using the language etc.


Go after the small business, independent developer/contractor, and online coding influencer community. There are people who would love to try out different languges. Hell, I’m considering starting a youtube channel to show projects made in all the languages I know/tried and will try including python, javascript, typescript, go, rust, ocaml, elixir, erlang, c, c++, haskell, f#, etc.

Agreed. To get adoption, the big thing would be convincing business people that they can hire people, get them up to speed quickly, and get a consistent codebase. Basically, this is what typescript sells.