Can't open the site

It shows an Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information). message when opened.

I tried visit it from FireFox and Edge.

Hmm, weird, it works for me, in which country are you?

Known issue. Seems jsdelivr is blocked completely in China?

@aspeddro is it really necessary that it blocks the whole page when doc search cannot be loaded?

Edit: We should really go forward with the new docsearch, not only because of this issue. It’s currently not really in a useful state for all of us AND blocks chinese users from the page.

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Thanks, I think this is the case, I saw the jsdeliver network request is failed in the developer tools.

Please try again, we merged the PR that removed the CDN.

Thank for the fixing, now I can open the index page without any special operations to the network! :grin: