Careswitch embraces ReScript

I’ve been participating in the forums over the past week but would like to take the opportunity to formally introduce myself. I’m Mark, Cofounder and CTO at Careswitch. We’re building products for the home care space and are really excited to announce that we’ll be using ReScript to build out our platform.

I’ve written a blog post about it here: Careswitch embraces ReScript.
Also tweeted about it here:

Interesting in working with ReScript at an early-stage startup? Join us: Careers | Careswitch

Looking forward to become an active participant in the community and help grow ReScript above and beyond!


I am curious to hear about what alternatives you considered before converging on NextJS. Are you using the SPA recommendation (Migrating to Next.js: Migrating from Create React App | Next.js) or regular page based routing? Are you using any server side rendering or implementing API routes with NextJS?

Similarly, what were the runner ups before converging on Tailwind? Has TailwindUI met most of your needs?

The alternatives we considered to Next.js were express and something more opinionated like hapi, which our previous codebase used. We ended up going with Next.js doing server-side rendering with a custom App, mainly for simpler auth. Most of our app logic will be on the client-side due to our GraphQL integration with Hasura so it made sense for us to go with a framework that was heavily focused on the front-end. We have some custom API routes but again most of the front-end app will hit the Hasura Relay endpoint directly. Simple, serverless deployments with Vercel was a plus.

Have used Tailwind for all of our previous projects, and we think it’s the best CSS framework out there today, so we’re continuing to use it. Tailwind UI has also been super helpful for getting off the ground quicker.