Chats about Rescript and programming languages on EmelleTV

Hi all,

I am going to have a chat with @fakenickels and @davesnx about ReScript and programming languages today on EmelleTV. It has been a while since I took the parental leave, you are very welcome to join.

Time: 25th of May 12pm (GMT+2) 7am (GMT-3)

More details here: EmelleTV on Twitter: “We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be talking with @bobzhang1988 this Wednesday! Subscribe to” / Twitter


We’ll be publishing the full episode to YouTube and posting it soon here!


In case anyone else is curious, the video was posted to YouTube here: Casually talking with Hongbo Zhang - YouTube

(I’m not affiliated with EmelleTV but I was curious so I went searching)


Thanks for posting it here!

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