Community Meeting | May 2022

As discussed in our Project Update | April 2022, @zth and I would like to set up a community meeting where we can discuss all the details for the tasks we are currently working on.

Who & What?
For anyone interested in the development of the ReScript programming language or just wants to take part in the discussions.

The topics are outlined in the aforementioned announcement post.

Date and Time:

Invitation Link:

Please note that this session will require a registered Zoom user account to protect us from random spam.

Important: We may record and upload the session for documentation reasons (also for other community members that weren’t able to join).



Can not use Zoom from china😂

Looking forward to it!

It’s the same situation for YouTube, right, can’t use that either? We can stream the meeting to YouTube in addition to Zoom, but I suspect YouTube isn’t available either.

No, youTube is not available too😭

For future reference, what does work? And how common is it to use VPN etc?


this is at 4am for me so yes please do record it :slight_smile:


Is there any recording for the meeting?

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It’s not happened yet

Hello everyone!

Thanks for joining the call yesterday. For those who couldn’t attend, we will upload the recorded video in the next few days and put the link in this thread (\cc @zth).

The slides for the meeting are available here:
22_05_19_rescript_community_meeting.pdf (103.5 KB)

Great to see so many folks interested in the project, and thanks for taking the time to join our call — we will try our best to coordinate / onboard new members as we go. We are currently in the process of winding up necessary infrastructure to allow tighter communication between contributors and team members (syntax, compiler, editor, docs-website, etc).

Here are some details on how to proceed from here:

  • Check out the slides & latest project update post and think about what topics you are interested to work on.
  • Check out the corresponding issue trackers and milestones to get familiar with the current codebases. Especially for the compiler repo, we are trying to clean up as much as possible so it’s easy to get started. Ideally you’d have a concrete issue in mind you’d like to work on.
  • Join our development chat server for closer communication. Ping either @zth or me on the forum via PM, or on Discord to get an invite (Gabriel Nordeborn#8445 and ryyppy#8688).

Important: Please understand that we can’t really respond to general questions like “What should I work on?”, since this highly depends on your motivation, skills and interests. Usually the first step of understanding a codebase is by starting out with an issue and try to tackle a problem heads-on. From there, more concrete questions may arise that will help leading the discussion!

Our main goal is to get the compiler / syntax repo to a contributor-friendly state so we can ship v10 as a “community release”; I listed the links to the milestones in all the various resources linked above.

Thanks for joining and let’s get the ball rolling!