Compile Error on Rescript Demo

I follow the installation instruction in this link: Installation | ReScript Language Manual, which is

git clone
cd rescript-project-template
npm install
npm run res:build
node src/

However, when I’m running npm run res:build, there’s an error.

I have checked my Node.js, which is of version 18.12.1. But I cannot find any problem.
I’m wondering if I miss something, or Rescript doesn’t support a too new Node.js.
Thank you.

Worked for me here with npm 7.3.0, node v15.5.1, rescript 10.0.1. yarn too fwiw.

Hope that helps?

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Are you using Windows OS? Is there any special characters in your path of working directory?

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Works for me. Could you share more info?

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Could antivirus software be blocking ReScript?

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Oh yes! you’re right! There’re some non-ASCII characters in my path. After changing them into ASCII character, it works. Thank you so much!