Contributing to rescript-react repo

I wanted to make a contribution to the rescript-react repo:

I have an issue that it looks like it might take a while for it to be resolved. But I have a solution ready to go in the form of a PR if I am allowed to push a branch to the repository. This is my issue:

I also think it would be fun to contribute to this repo occasionally long-term. I wanted to get in touch with those who are currently maintaining/contributing to the repo.


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Hey @LukasDeco !

The normal flow on GitHub to contribute to a PR you’re not a part of yourself is to do the following:

  1. Hit “Fork” in the top right

  1. Create a fork in your own account.

  2. Perform your changes on a new branch in your own fork.

  3. Your own repository will now say “your branch had recent pushes”, hit “Compare & pull request” in the right there.

  1. The base repository should be set to the rescript repository by default!

  1. Fill out the form and hit “Create pull request” at the bottom.

Your PR will now show up in the ReScript repository and can be merged there! :star_struck:


Wow thank you so much @Kingdutch! I followed your advice and created my dream PR:

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Of course, there are already many open PRs!

Awesome! Don’t forget to look at the feedback that was given on your PR.

In ReScript rather than using a simple string we can do one better and use a Polymorphic Variant which will actually compile down to a string but helps the users of the components only provide valid values :smiley: