Convert all BuckleScript files to ReScript files in `rescript-compiler`

The benefits of this would be:

  • having to support one less syntax in the compiler
  • one less syntax for contributors to have to keep in their head
  • more comprehensive testing of .res(i) compiler
  • better support for IDE tooling within the repo (via rescript-vscode plugin)

Since this is a lot of work, it could be broken down in the following way:

  • update refmt to handle converting more BuckleScript syntax in files, see
  • using the updated refmt write a script to convert all of the file .ml(i) files in jscomp/test to .res(i) files (this is a good starting place for converting things because these files don’t depend on each other)
  • write a script to update jscomp/others (and anything any other BuckleScript dependencies those files may have)

I’ve already done some experimenting with this and have had success converting some tests in jscomp/test using refmt and then tweaking things by hand a bit. I tried the same thing with a few files in jscomp/others, but noticed that any dependencies of a file also needed to be updated. Having a script that updates all files in jscomp/others automatically is really the only reasonable way to update these files.

Converting stdlib to rescript in on the roadmap for v10, you can track the progress here.

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The ticket sounds like it’s just about converting the code in the documentation comments and not the implementation/interface code itself. I’ll post a question in the ticket for clarification.