Convert types of similar shape

Is there an idiomatic way to convert between types of similar shapes?

Is there a better way to convert aValue to type b here?

type a = {one: string, two: int, three: bool}
type b = {one: string, two: int, three: bool}

let aValue: a = {one: "one", two: 1, three: true}
let bValue: b = {one:, two: aValue.two, three: aValue.three}

if they are identical:
external aToB: a => b = “%identity”

either way make a function for it and dont worry =)
(or unify types?)

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I would use object types and row polymorphism


Great idea, hadn’t thought about using identity myself. Think I’ll go for this.
Unifying the types would be ideal, but not an option for the use case I have ( generated types that sometimes overlap / have similar structures )

Thanks, how would that look in this example?

type a = {"one": string, "two": int, "three": bool}
type b = {"one": string, "two": int, "three": bool}

let aValue: a = {"one": "one", "two": 1, "three": true}
let bValue: b = {"one": "one", "two": 1, "three": true}

let bCanBeA: b = aValue

let someFn = (value: a) => {


Structural objects are type-checked on their structural attributes, that allows you to mix and match values of types that have a similar structure.

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Thanks, that is good to know :+1: