Create a Js.t based type

There is an object named “req” in JavaScript side, it has many methods and properties, I want to give it a Js.t object type.

I can use {…} as a object type in the argument, for example
let f = (req :{…}) => somecode
But I didn’t know how to use {…} in the type variable.
type req = {…}
type req = Js.t<{…}>
The code above will generate an error: a type variable is unbound.
type req = {.} it works, but only for empty object.

Is it a limit for rescript? I remember I can use Js.t({…}} in reasonml.

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Hi, Good news is in next release, Js.t is not relevant, it is still there (for compatibility) but it is an identity type:

type t <'a> = 'a

So in that case, your confusion will disappear automatically


You don’t need to worry about the Js.t detail in ReScript.

Check out the object section in the language manual.

For example, your req could look like this:

type req = {
  "headers": Js.Dict.t<string>,
 "data": Js.Json.t

let r = {
  "headers": Js.Dict.empty(),
 "data": Js.Json.parseExn(` "hello" `)

Js.t is the hidden representation of a JS object type, hence you need to use the JS object type syntax like stated above. The Js.t type detail will go away as Bob stated.