Created a REPL for ReScript

Hey all,

I saw that there were a few threads opened 1-2 years ago asking about a REPL.

I wanted to use one and created a quick and dirty one awhile ago, but recently fixed it up a bit more.

rescript-repl - npm (

I still need to clean things up and test some more and I have some rough blog posts detailing how I thought about structuring things. Nonetheless, it is functional at the moment and so I just wanted to put it out there for now.

Any constructive feedback is welcome.


CC @ryyppy and @cknitt, who are interested in bringing a repl directly into the compiler-blessed set of tools, alongside the playground.

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Is there any link to a github repo? For some reason npm decided to not list the repo url and google can’t find it either.


Very nice! Thanks for making this.