@deprecated only works on external?

Do I have that right?
Would really love to have this everywhere. Making heroic changes is fun but its better in teams to give those breaking changes a little time to migrate.

It should work on more than externals. Do you have a reproduction?

Let me see, I just saw it in vscode with local work…

@deprecated on %raw implementations:

@deprecated on decorator of external function:

It works for any definition but only when it’s placed in the interface and also when used in a different file. It doesn’t trigger a warning when used in the same file.

He lives!
I have seen deprecated flagged in same-file before let me see if i can repro. You old guard love resi files but I’m convinced js world has no taste for them, so would love to see “single-file” development normalized somehow. ah well. i can make it work!


I’d be interested to see a POC :slight_smile:

Of course I wont now which is jus as well.