[DEV] Documentation / January 2021 Roadmap

Hi everyone,

After a pretty lengthy ReScript documentation discussion I realized that it might be a good idea to spend some more time on project planning, writing down tasks, and getting the documentation roadmap in a more transparent shape, so everyone knows what’s the plan and where it is going.

This plan was also made so outside contributors can see how they can help to speed up the process of getting the docs feature complete. Mostly it’s just a collection of tasks I committed to complete until the estimated deadline.

2020 January Release / Overview:

  • Estimated Deadline: Jan 31, 2021
  • Revamped rescript-react docs + initial rescript-react release
    • New structure that goes into each React feature (pretty much a rewrite)
    • All docs written in ReScript syntax
    • Removes deprecated Record API / jsx v2 based content
    • Graceful migration plan from reason-react to rescript-react
  • Syntax / Compiler Feature parity
    • Documenting all the important features that are exposed by the ReScript syntax and compiler
  • Removing outdated content from the current ReasonML docs and allow a clean separation of both platforms (ReScript / OCaml / Native), while making sure nobody gets lost

The rescript-lang.org repository now features a Github Milestone to keep track of the progress:
2021 January Release Milestone

For those who want to help, check out the issues that are tagged with help wanted. I hope this makes it easier to see what we are working on, and I am really looking forward to a really nice documentation platform!



Cool man, that is a really good idea.

The bigest deal for me is the reScript-React.

even tho i havent started learning them : D
iam planing to soon tho, when i’ll begin working on my final year project.

also might have more contributers that way.

Thank you guys for all the effort, i really appreciate it, others too iam sure.

Thank you for this! I would love to contribute! Glad that I could spark some discussion.

I’ve been in the middle of moving house but I think that I’ll have more bandwidth next week. I haven’t forgotten about this, @ryyppy!

Hey everyone!

Short update on the January milestone.

Even though our Milestone progress doesn’t indicate good progress, we actually got a huge junk of work done this month:

Some other notes on the open issues listed in the January milestone:

  • We got some WIP PRs open for features like extensible variants / our global special values (__module__ etc). The more complex features will be added in the next 1 - 2 weeks (FCM, GADT, subtyping, type coercion etc.). Same goes for the new features / changes introduced in ReScript 8.4 and above.

  • The syntax lookup widget has been merged already, but the actual issue for adding all the widget content is pretty big, so I will probably further split that up so that it’s easier to see the actual progress in the milestone overview.

  • The infix operators are still in the implementation phase, so we still need to wait for the final implementation until we can start writing documentation about it.


I think this was a very productive month for the docs. Lots of great features were shipped, and we also fixed a lot of other small documentation issues along the way.

I will prepare a new February / March milestone to keep track of the still pending tasks, and eventually sort out some of the issues that are exceeding capacities for now.


Appreciate the update, @ryyppy! Thanks for all the hard work as of late.