Dialo is hiring frontend and fullstack developers

Dialo is an early stage company with an experienced founding team. Assembling a team that consists of the best and brightest is our top priority. In the immediate term we are building a visual programming language for conversational AI. Our long term vision is that personalized contact we are enabling will cause deeper relationships between users and businesses and turn all interactions into a unified long term customer journey.

The work is quite demanding when it comes to both ideation and implementation. We are aiming to provide a room for growth both technically and/or as a leader. For current open source maintainers we are willing to sponsor your work on OSS for 20% of time.

We use Reason+BuckleScript for frontend (maybe we’ll use ReScript when tooling improves) and OCaml + Python on the backend. We are hiring people for different positions. Both people with extensive experience and newcomers are encouraged to apply. We try to find the sharpest people rather than checking boxes with particular skills.

The official job posting:

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